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Hi, I am Jeena Suraj Shaha, a Working Woman as well as a Housewife {as my job is part - time}. Being Born and Brought up in South India and married in Maharashtra, I have a mix culture in food, rituals, festivals, language, etc.. I am a B.com Graduate and also a Diploma holder in Fashion Design from Bangalore. My aim is to start my Boutique in the future and I have a passion for painting especially Glass painting and I am very good at Tanjore Glass Painting.
Hailing from a Gujarati Family, and having cooks at home from my childhood, I actually never entered kitchen. I just knew, simple and small dishes to prepare. I started to cook just after my marriage, and seriously to tell, I faced lot of difficulties in the kitchen. My Husband who helped me being Supportive throughout, made me grow my interest in cooking. I can't tell cooking is my passion, but yes I have developed lot of interest in this process of learning.

When my Husband went to the US, I came to my Mother's place where My Mother guided  me and my path in cooking started.

The process of learning to cook has made me create this blog, that too especially for beginners, who might get some help with my experience tips and also with the Simple and easy recipes, that I have collected from my family, Friends and dear ones and tried myself, which will also be helpful to those going through my blog.

Thats all about me.

Hoping beginners like me get a inspiration in cooking from by blog. Valuable Suggestions and Comments are always Welcomed for any of the post in my blog.

All contents and photographs are of my own, and I would appreciate if there is no misuse of it, as there is lot of hard work being put into it. So please do respect it.

Written by Jeena
Author of http://jeenaskitchenrecipes.blogspot.in/
Started Blog on 21st June 2014

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