Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rose Falooda for my 100th Post

Rose Falooda for my Blog's 100th post.

Firstly I would like to Thank  my family specially my Husband for all the support and help I take. Secondly a big Thank You to my Blogger Friends, and Followers for all the support I have been receiving from them from the 1st post. 

Just last month, I celebrated One year of my blog and today its the occasion of my blog reaching 100th post. So thought of making some dessert / sweet and what better than Rose Falooda, wow sooooo delicious and really tasty. Falooda is a very old traditional classic drink being rich with flavors and having the ingredients in it are also sooo exceptional. Falooda is made with Falooda Sev / Vermicelli, Tukmaria / Sabja Seeds / Basil seeds and topped with ice - cream. In flavors, there are many varieties like - royal falooda, kesar falooda, rose falooda, and so on. Today I am making Rose Falooda as its my Husband and my favorite flavor.

My recipe Yields 4 Big Glass servings...

Milk 1 ltr
Tukmaria / Sabja Seeds / Basil seeds 2 tbsp
Falooda Sev / Vermicelli 1 packet 
Rose Syrup 5  - 7 tbsp
Strawberry Jelly Powder 1 packet
Vanilla Ice - Cream 4 scoops
Sugar 3 tbsp
Water as and when needed

Step 1:
Soak Tukmaria / Sabja Seeds / Basil Seeds in water for around 1 hour. Keep Ready aside.

Step 2:
Making the Jelly...
Follow the instructions given in the jelly packet and make the jelly accordingly.
I am explaining the instructions that I followed in making the jelly. Boil 500 ml water. Once boiled, cool for 2 minutes.

In a bowl add the sachets containing jelly powder and gelatin powder. Now pour boiled water into the powder bowl and stir until the powder is dissolved fully.

Leave the jelly in room temperature for an hour or until it sets.

Refrigerate until chill.

Once the jelly is set and chilled, transfer it to a plate and cut into cubes as per needed and keep ready.

Step 3:
Boiling the milk...

In a pan boil milk. As it boils, add sugar and stir continuously. Boil until milk is reduced little of its quantity. Let it cool.  

Refrigerate and keep ready aside.

Step 4 :
Boiling Falooda Sev....

Follow the instructions given in the sev packet.
I am explaining the instructions I followed from my falooda sev packet.

Firstly cut the sev into desired length. I kept it little long, as in falooda long sev is generally better.

In a pan boil 1 cup water. Add falooda sev into it and cook it for about  8 - 9 minutes or until soft. 

Immediately transfer to a bowl of chill water and keep ready aside.

Step 5:
Layering / Assembling Rose Falooda......
Firstly keep ready all the ingredients - chill milk, chilled - cubed set Jelly, boiled falooda sev, tukmaria / sabja seeds / basil seeds, rose syrup and vanilla ice-cream.

Now in a tall glass add tukmaria / sabja seeds / basil seeds. 

Upon it pour 1 to 2 tbsp of rose syrup.

 Now layer with a generous heap of falooda sev.

Now our next layer will be that of cubed jelly. Layer with almost 2 tbsp of cubed jelly pieces.

 Now again topped it up with few tukmaria / sabja seeds / basil seeds.

Now pour milk until the glass is almost filled.

Now our last layering is topping our falooda with a scoop of vanilla ice - cream. 

Our Rose falooda is ready to be served.

Enjoy this wonderful flavorful drink with your family....


  1. congratulations Jeena and falooda looks delicious.

    1. Thanks a lot Shilpi... Glad that U liked it.

  2. Many congratulations on your 100th post! This vibrant falooda looks like a perfect way to celebrate!

    1. Thank You Anu. Such words from U, gives lot of satisfaction.

  3. Congratulations dear...I know how it feels...my next post would be may 100th!!....Falooda looks delicious!!

    1. Sure to look out for something wonderful for Ur 100th post.. All the best and Thanks a lot dear Padma.

  4. congratulations on your 100th post. Rose falooda looks tempting and cooling.

  5. Congrats on 100 post......lovely rose falooda. love to have it any time.

    1. Same here, like it to have it anytime... Thanks a lot.

  6. Sorry dear I missed your post. Congratulations on your 100th post and wish you many more to come !!

  7. Congratulations dear. Great way to celebrate. This looks so beautiful and delicious :)


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