Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kokum Fruit

Kokum is a type of fruit known as Garcinia in English, and the sun- dried fruit is called Aamsul in Marathi, popularly known as kokum. Kokum is mainly used in the Konkani, Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisines.

The fruit is dark purple in colour, sticky and the sun dried version is semi dry. The fruit is used to get sweet / sour tangy taste, substituting tamarind in dishes the prepared with it. Usually kokum is used by soaking it in water for an hour  or so and extracting its pulp. 

Health wise too, its very helpful, as it has lots of cooling properties which helps in aiding acidity problems, also this drink helps in digestion. Also in summers it helps in battling heat with its cooling properties.

The dried ones are used in regular cooking, and it can be stored for an year in air tight jars.

Many Drinks and Dishes are prepared using kokum. Few are as below:

Kokum Sharbat


  1. Looks very delicious Jeena! I have never heard of this Kadhi before! I would love to try this recipe, as soon as I find this fruit! :)

    1. Sure dear, so glad to hear u liked it. Do try and let me know..

  2. Nice piece of info..dear..informative

  3. Nice piece of info..dear..informative


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