Sunday, 11 January 2015

Green Chili - Ginger Paste

Green Chili - Ginger Paste is very much needed ingredient at home, always prepared and stored in fridge. This paste is used in many dishes, specially in making Gujarati dishes. It is easy to prepare but has a difficult process of cutting the green chilies :( as cutting these chilies are really like a burning experience to the hands. I have sensitive skin, so I take care while doing it {Though using gloves can cause no harm to the hands}.
Green Chilies 100 gms
Ginger 25 gms
Salt 1 tsp

For Green Chilies:
Wash green chilies.
Allow it to dry completely for some hours placing on a napkin / cloth.
Now start roughly chopping the chilies deseeding it throughly.
{Take care of your hands to avoid burning sensation}.

For Ginger:
Wash Ginger.
Allow it to dry completely.
Peel and roughly remove a thin layer of the skin of the ginger.
Now roughly chop the ginger.

Lets Make the Paste...
Take a dry mixer. Add both green chili, ginger and salt and grind it to a rough paste. 
Remove the paste and transfer it to a air tight jar.
{please open the mixer carefully, as the smell of chilies might irritate your nose}.

Refrigerate and use it when and as needed while preparing dishes.

There should be no water in any of the ingredient.

Adding of salt is to make it stay good for more time and retain its color.

You can store this paste in fridge and use it when needed in cooking. Use a clean spoon. This stays good for many days.

I have given lots of care to be taken tips. Its not for scaring but its just precaution care with my experiences.

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  1. I actually prefer ginger as a separate paste and garlic the same. As for chillies, I use varieties, so I prefer to grind as and when needed. Still, this tip is useful for those who use and prefer all the 3 in 1.

    1. Oh Ok, thats also a better way. Thanks dear

  2. Replies
    1. That making me feel appreciated. Thanks


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