Friday, 12 December 2014

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza is a simple yet an tempting snack that can be made for evening snacks and kids will surely enjoy it, as well as elders too will like it. Its a best home made option of pizza and I have made it on the tawa. Though its a 2 in 1 process of toasting and grilling, its easy and simple.

Bread 2 slices
Onion 1, small
Tomato 1, small
Green Capsicum 1,small
Oregano 1 tsp
Chilli flakes 1 tsp
Salt a pinch
Tomato ketchup, as per liking - for spreading
Mozzarella cheese grated, as per liking

Finely chop onion, tomato, capsicum and transfer to a bowl. Now add salt, chilli flakes, oregano to the chopped vegetables and mix well.

Lets Toast the bread...
Take the bread, and toast it in the toaster. 

Transfer the bread to a plate. Now spread tomato ketchup over the toasted bread. 

Add the chopped vegetables, all over the bread neatly.

Add grated cheese - as per your wish more or less over it.

Now lets Melt the cheese :) by Grilling it on tawa...
Take a tawa, place both the breads properly and cover with a lid for almost 2 - 3 minutes keeping the flame very slow. We are doing this for getting the pizza effect and also for the cheese to melt, as the bread is already toasted.
{The lid should fit the tawa properly without touching the breads}.

Now our bread pizza is done. Transfer to a serving plate. 

Cut in the centre and enjoy...
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  1. Delicious & colorful bread pizza...............looks cute.

  2. Have made my own local version and now there's one more lovely version to make on my waiting list.

    1. Oh great, do make it and enjoy, Thanks:)

  3. nice snack and attractive presentation Jeena :) I make a similar one too :)

  4. It looks great Jeena. Easy and delicious recipe. :)

  5. yummy bread pizza!! homemade is the best!!

  6. Very yummy and colorful bread pizza

  7. Easy and the best ever


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