Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ginger Cardamom Tea

Ginger Cardamom Tea is just perfect for the season these days. Its become chill{though sometimes its really hot}. I am a big Tea person and my mornings and evenings never go without a cup of tea{My husband keeps on telling me to stop drinking much tea, so now  I have reduced a lot and made it to 2 cups}.
Today the weather was chill and cloudy too, so prepared this ginger cardamom tea which goes perfect for the weather. Its easy and simple. 

Each one have their own way of making tea. I make this way, so sharing my way of recipe for 1 cup of tea.

Milk 3/4th cup
Water 1/4th cup
Tea leaves 1 tbsp
Sugar 11/2 tbsp
Ginger 2 inch piece
Green Cardamom 2
Firstly smash ginger and cardamom in a mortar and pestle and keep.

Heat a pan, add water and milk together and boil for a minute.

Now add smashed ginger and cardamom, tea leaves and boil it as per desired colour and its strong taste of tea needed.

Now add sugar and boil till it rises up. Give 2 risings and switch off the flame.
Strain it into a cup.

Enjoy it with biscuit or as per personal preference.
This is how I like my tea, but note...
Since I like medium mild tea and not strong, I have switched off as per my desired taste sooner.

You can add sugar and tea leaves as per your personal preference and taste. 

You can change the measurement of milk and water too according  to your preferred taste, by making it more or less of both.


  1. That plate would make one perfect tea time!

  2. I am one chai person... l have tried ginger separate and cardamom is always a part of my tea... would love to try both together... do hop on to my blog when you have time... :)

    1. Oh Of course will visit ur blog, Thanks...

  3. Ginger cardamom tea looks delicious very nice love it.

  4. beautiful cardomom tea dear :) i tried black tea with cardomom so yumm ..
    i would like you to participate in me and Haffa's Wedding anniversary Event :) You have to link beautiful entries related to this occassion like sweet desserts,etc .. Glad if you participate dear :) bless you .. have a great weekend gal :)

    1. Thanks for the invite, will try to participate by linking my recipe sooner...

  5. I love the flavors. Tea is my all time favorite. :)

  6. For me, no meal is complete without a cup of flavored tea and here it is. Lovely scent and cardamom - already of my rock hitting ingredient for cooking.

  7. I used to drink cardamom chai after lunch everyday in office for 5 years.. Miss it so much now. It is such a comforting drink!

    1. Obviously a comforting drink, no doubt...

  8. I love tea, looking so good, send me one cup Jeena.

    1. Oh if possible I would have done it Rachna :))))

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