Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ghari - A Famous Sweet of Surat

Festivals just getting over, but yet the festival feel is there with available sweets and snacks at home, that are sooner to be completed :-)).

Before the day of Diwali, we had received 2 kg's of Ghari from Surat. {I had clicked the picutres, but did not get the time to write and post, so posting now}. 

I would like to introduce you all to this sweet named "Ghari" which is a famous sweet of Surat {Gujarat}. 

Its a Traditional - age old sweet, made with milk solids {mawa}, sugar and heavily loaded with Ghee. The white layer seen on top of the sweet piece is Ghee, yes Ghee.....
As a tradition, the people of Surat enjoy this sweet during the first day of Navratri and on Chandi Padwa - the next day of Sharad poonam, and yes of course as sweet obviously.

Its shaped round, and comes in many varieties like - 
Badam - Pista Ghari
Kesar - Badam - Pista Ghari
Dry Fruit Ghari
Mawa Ghari

Note: Since we received all the way from Surat, the packet got shaken and the sweet got broken, so its not a clear round. 

Its a high fat, high calorie sweet.

This is a readymade sweet, not made by me. 


  1. A new & delicious sweet..................perfect for this festive season.

  2. I don't think I have tasted ghari. I'll be looking out for this...glad you posted the pictures and the details. Now that it's turning cooler, everything tastes better even if the calories are loaded!!:)

    1. Of course, and sweets are always welcomed, what so ever the reason / excuse may be... Thanks


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