Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Doodh Pauva

Its Sharad Poonam, an auspicious full moon day in Hindu Calendar. Its a day when the moon is worshiped. This day is celebrated with Raas-Leela, Garba-Dandiya and most famously by eating Doodh Pauva, specially under moon light with family and friends.
 Bhagwan Shri Krishna's Maha Raas
I am sharing two types of Pauva recipe. One very simple and one with masala powder.
Variation 1: Simple 
Milk 1 cup
Pauva / poha / Beaten rice 1/2 cup
Sugar 2 tbsp

Wash pauva twice, and soak it in water with the same quantity of the pauva for 15 minutes. 

In a bowl add milk and sugar and mix it properly. 

Five minutes before serving, add pauva, mix well and serve and enjoy....
Variation 2: With Masala powder
Milk 1 cup
Pauva / poha / Beaten rice 1/2 cup
Sugar 2 tbsp
Kesar / Saffron few strands
Badam 5 + Pista 2 + Cashew nut 3{all powdered together}1/2 tbsp
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp

In a pan, boil milk. Once it is boiled, switch off the flame.

In a small cup, add kesar crushing it a bit and roast it lightly on low flame for a minute and add it to the boiled milk. 

Now add sugar, badam + Pista + Cashew nut powder + cardamon powder to the milk, and mix it well. {Let it cool for few minutes - or have it warm too}.

Five minutes before serving, add soaked pauva to the masala milk. Mix and then serve. {Add pauva just before serving else the pauva will get too soggy}.


  1. Nice recipe,will try out,nice idea of adding beaten rice

    1. Do try, its simple, and tasty. Thanks a lot


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