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Diwali - The Festival Of Lights

Diwali - the festival of lights is a one of the most awaited festival, celebrated with lots of grandeur for five days of festivities, starting with -
  • Dhanteras - Dhanteras is the start of the five day long Diwali festival. It falls on the Trayodashi day and Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped, and also Gold / silver jewelry, money and precious materials are kept while performing the puja. On this day we don't do unnecessary spending, but spend money on buying something in gold or silver. 
  • Also on this day Bhagwan Dhanvantri - God of Ayurveda Medicine {an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu} is worshiped, who holds medicinal herbs in one hand, and the Amrit Kalash on the other hand.       
  • Kadi Chaudas - This is the second day of the festival, kadi means black, and chaudas means the fourteenth day, when Goddess killed the Demon on this day.
  • Diwali - Lakshmi Puja - The main day Diwali, falls on the Amavasya. On this day people wake up early, go to temples, do rangolis, visit friends and relatives, share gifts and sweets , in the evening light diyas, and lamps, burst crackers and Main Do Lakshmi Puja at the particular muharat / time grandly at home and at the Business Premise. It is believed Goddess Lakshmi do visit homes on this day.
  • Bestu Varas / Nutan Varshanbinandan - Its the Fourth day of the festival and its the Gujarati New Year, and the Gujarati calendar gets changed to Kartik Month and start of a new year. On this day we wish and take blessings of our elders and go to close families house and wish them "Saal Mubarak" / " Nutan Varshabhinandan" and get their blessing. On this day we decorate our house entrance with marigold flowers and Mango leaves or Aaso palav leaves. 
  • Bhai Beej - The last day of the festival is Bhai Beej, and the second day of the kartik month. On this day brother visits his sister, and she starts the ritual by applying tika on his forehead, and sister in return gets gift from him. Also any special dish is prepared for him by his sister. Basically a day of the brother - sister relationship.
The five day long festival gets over here, but no, the following days are also very much important festivals coming up, so we can say its a fifteen days long festival time....:-)

After all the festivity, on the fifth day of the Kartik month, Its Labh Pacham. An important day, when business men, start their accounts by writing "Shubh". It is considered one of the Auspicious day for starting anything.  

On the day of Ekadashi, its Tulsi Vivah, which is celebrated as the marriage ceremony day of Tulsi plant to Bhagwan Shri Krishna, which lasts for five day. During these five days, we light diyas, and do puja to the Tulsi plant at home during the evenings.

Then its Kathik Poonam, celebrated as Dev Diwali, and also marks the end of the fifteen days long festival. 

Wow its such a great festival. I just enjoy all the moments ....:-)

I have shared this post on Diwali festival celebrated by Gujarati's and specially as per our house customs and traditions.



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