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Shrikhand is a traditional dish of Gujarat, and also very popular in Maharashtra and is usually made during Janmashtami and many other festivals too. Shrikhand is very easy to be made, but the process has to be done carefully. Shrikhand is served generally served chilled and it is a great combination with puri.

I made Shrikhand, as its Janmashtami, and it can be made as offering to Bhagwan. 
Jai Shri Krishna
Happy krishna Jayanthi
Happy Janmashtami
Janmashtami, also known as Krishna Jayanthi, a major Festival celebrated as the birthday of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. During midnight, celebrations are on, as it is believed that at that time Bhagwan Shri Krishna had appeared. 

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great grandeur - with pujas and bhajans, temples and houses decorated with peacock feathers, flowers, etc... After the birth of the Bhagwan Shri Krishna, rituals are performed keeping the idol of baby Krishna placed on the cradle. 

Bhagwan Shri Krishna was extremely fond of eating butter (Makhan), so offerings of butter and milk related dishes are made without any doubt. Usually women's fast on this day, but special dishes are prepared on this day, celebrating the birthday of Bhagwan Shri Krishna

Now let's start with the Shrikhand recipe...

Fresh Curd 2 big cups or 500 gms
Sugar 1/2 cup 
Milk 1 tbsp
Saffron few strands
Cardamon Powder 1 tsp 

Muslin cloth for making hung curd.

Step 1:
Firstly, we need to make hung curd for which, follow the steps below.
Take a muslin cloth, spread it on a wide bowl and pour the fresh curd over the cloth and tie it carefully and hang it somewhere properly as the water from the curd will get drained out. Keep it overnight or for 7-8 hours. 
Now our hung curd is ready. 

Step 2:
Dissolve saffron in milk and keep ready. Dissolving is Optional. You can directly add saffron strands too.

Step 3:
Powdered sugar can be used or if using regular sugar, its better to grind it once, so that it gets dissolved soon when added to the curd.

Now shrikhand is very easy to be completed.

Take the hung curd in a bowl and once mix well.

Add sugar, dissolved saffron milk or direct saffron and cardamon powder to the hung curd and whisk well.

keep whisking till sugar gets dissolved and the consistency of the curd becomes smooth, our shrikhand is ready. 
Transfer to a serving bowl and refrigerate for 2 hours 

Garnish with saffron strands and serve chilled. 


  1. Wow..Yummy and delicious Shrikhand.
    Jai Krishna

  2. Beautiful writeup. Delicious shrikhand. Happy Janmashtami dear.

    1. Thanks a lot dear, always waiting for your comments, wherein the real hard work results are out with the words written by U. This post is also quite special to me, as all the detailing I had planned have come out so well. and the appreciation got really feels good.

  3. Wow so tempting shrikhand. Love the pictures!!


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