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Phirni is a rich creamy sweet dish of North India, similar to rice pudding / kheer. It is creamy in texture, made with ground rice cooked with milk and topped with rich nuts, rose petals and silver varak {edible silver foil}. Traditionally phirni is served in earthen bowls, and a dish that is included in weddings, functions and festivals in North India.

I am posting phirni recipe, as it Janmashtami this weekend.

Jai Shri Krishna
Happy Janmashtami
Happy Krishna Jayanthi
Janmashtami - celebrated as the birthday of Bhagwan Shri Krishna, is celebrated in a grand way. Celebrations starts during the midnight  as it is believed that at that time Bhagwan Shri Krishna had appeared. Celebrations starts with pujas and bhajans, and rituals are performed keeping the idol of baby Krishna placed on the cradle.  It is the day when women and other family members keep fast, and prepare lots of dishes as offerings to Bhagwan Shri Krishna, specially dishes related to Butter, Milk, Cream, etc... as Bhagwan Shri Krishna was fond of eating Butter.

And ha, I noted, I have been posting more of sweet dishes and specially Kheer like dishes like Doodh Pak, Moong Dal Payasam, and now Phirni, but I did not plan it like so, it so happened, and personally sharing, these are my top favorite sweet dishes:-) hmm yummy......

Milk 1 litre
Basmati Rice 1 cup
Condensed milk 1/2 tin
Sugar 3 to 4 tbsp
Saffron strands few
Cardamon powder 1 tsp
Almonds and Pistachio's chopped 1 to 2 tbsp

Wash and Soak Rice in water for an hour.

After an hour drain the water and grind the rice coarsely. 

Soak saffron in milk and keep aside. 

Soak almonds and Pistachio's in warm water for 10 minutes and peel the skin of the almonds and chop it neatly. Chop the Pistachios too and keep aside

Take a deep bottomed vessel  and boil milk. Once it starts boiling add the ground rice and cook continuously, taking care it doesn't burn at the bottom of the vessel.

Once you notice the rice has started to get cooked add sugar. Again stir and cook continuously. 

Now when the rice and milk has been cooked and sugar has got dissolved, add the saffron milk, cardamon powder, and add few chopped almonds, and Pistachio's and stir again. Now add condensed milk and cook well. Immediately switch off the flame. 

Now our phirni is done. Refrigerate for an hour or so and serve chill.

Garnish with almonds and Pistachio's and rose petals.
You can avoid adding few almonds and Pistachio's while cooking the phirni. 

You can serve it in earthen bowls garnishing it royally with almonds, Pistachio's, rose petals and silver varak.


  1. The Phirni, delicious, perfect for the festival. A lovely post dear with that picture of Lord Krushna having Makhan with his friends so adorable. The picture of the PHIRNI with the peacock feather and bal Gopal is divinely beautiful.

    1. Thanks a lot dear Piyali.... These words are just so valuable to me. They will always be a part in my special memories. And yes had planned a lot and finally made this post, wanting to give all details with pictures too. Felling appreciated with ur great words.

  2. Simply love it. It is one of my favorite dessert. Love your recipe dear :-)

    1. Thanks a lot dear rachna. Glad that U liked it.

  3. Have always loved phirni but never made before. Yum and thanks for the recipe. Soon I shall make.

    1. Thanks a lot dear, Do try and if possible, do let me know...

  4. This looks so yummy and delicious dear. Beautiful share :-)


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