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Gujarati Vedmi / Mithi Rotli

Gujarati Vedmi / Mithi Rotli is a Gujarati sweet roti {called rolti in Gujarati} like the puran poli or any poli. 
Gujarati's make it with Tuvar dal, while in Maharashtra and many regions they make with Channa dal. It is a traditional rotli made during family occasions and some festivals. 

Today is Raksha Bandhan and this sweet roti is made in many Gujarati houses.
Raksha Bandhan Festival is celebrated on the full moon i.e. on narali poonam of the shravan month, wherein during the most auspicious time of the day, sisters tie Rakhi to their brother, and in return receives gifts from her brother, and also a promise from her brother that he will protect his sister against any harm. After such emotional bonding its time for the sister to prepare her brothers favorite dish. 
Lets move on with the Gujarati vedmi / mithi rotli recipe now. I am making this recipe individually for the 1st time, and it has turned out well to my satisfaction

For the Dough:
Wheat Flour 2 cups
Salt as per taste
Oil 2 tbsp
Water for kneading

For the Filling:
Tuvar Dal 1 cup
Jaggery 1 1/2 Cup 
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp
Nutmeg {Jaiphal} Powder 1 tsp
Ghee 1 tbsp + Ghee for cooking the rotli
Water 2 1/2 cups

Method :
Make the dough:
In a bowl, take flour, salt, oil and knead with water into a soft dough. Rest dough for 15 minutes.
Divide the dough in 6 smooth balls and keep aside.

Filling Method:
In a pressure cooker, add tuvar dal with 2 1/2 cups of water, and pressure cook till 4 -5 whistles. Once cooled, open and mash the dal with spoon. We need thick consistency of the dal, so don't mash it too much.

In a pan heat ghee, add the cooked dal and stir. Now add Jaggery and keep stirring and cooking. Once Jaggery gets dissolved, the dal will become thin in consistency, but keep stirring and cooking continuously.

Now it will become thick in consistency. While stirring, scrape the sides and bottom of the pan too. {be careful that the dal doesn't gets burnt at the bottom, else the while dish will get spoilt}.

Now the dal would have become more thick, and now it is done. Switch off the flame, and now add cardamon powder and nutmeg powder and mix well. Allow the dal to get cooled.
Once cooled, take little dal and divide into 6 smooth balls and keep aside.

Cooking the Mithi Rotli:
Take one ball of the dough and flatten with palm, and keep on the rolling board and start rolling into a small circle. Now take one dal ball and stuff it in the centre of the rolled rotli and pinch smooth the edges to seal it. Flatten the stuffed dough and dust with wheat flour and start rolling into a fine round rotli.

Now heat the tawa and place the rotli on it and cook on medium flame. Once it gets to turn to golden brown flip the rotli carefully to the other side. Now drizzle ghee on this side, and press with the spatula. Now again flip and drizzle ghee on this side to the rotli. If we have rolled the rotlis properly it will puff up.

When cooked on both sides till golden brown, our rotli is done. Remove it and serve hot with drizzling some ghee on it. 


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